Cool Links


Friends' websites

Adam's a.k.a. the Smile Guy's huge website will enable you to interact with lots of people in a most user-friendly environment (you can send greeting cards and chat invitations and play with tons of other stuff to get acquainted with the web's wide possibilities in a fun way)

Mike from Paris (but originally from Toulouse in Southern France) to Star Wars fans: test your knowledges of Lucas' trilogy! French and English available.

Lasse's homepage in Finland! Check out everything you've always wanted to know about dance, volleyball, the sun and the moon...

Marcus' a.k.a. the Catalan Patriarch's homepage in Bloomington. Spanish and English (and Spanish of course) available.

Rob's homepage in Bloomington. With or without a beard? The choice of a generation.


Psycho websites

Find out which temperament you are by submitting Keirsey sorter test (a shorter version of well-known Myers-Briggs test). Available in English, German and Spanish.

Business tests only: workstyle, entrepreneurial IQ, Promotability quotient, etc.

Are you a social animal? What about your communications skills? And your IQ? Are you jealous? Do you suffer from PMS?



to be continued...





BQT - January 1998